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AMIGO Take 5: Two Games in One – U.S. Version of 6 Nimmt! with Take A Number (X Nimmt!) Included, Yellow/Red

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  • AGES: 8+ | 2-10 PLAYERS
  • TWO GAMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: Includes two complete games – “Take 5” is the same as the German game “6 Nimmt!” AND “Take a Number “ is the same as “X Nimmt!”
  • TIME-TESTED GAMEPLAY: Highly-rated strategy games for 20+ years
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Perfect for children, adults, parties, and families
  • HOW TO PLAY: Secretly pick a card from your hand, then play it on one of four rows following two rules: your card must be higher than the last card in a row, and played next to the last card that’s closest in number. If you play the sixth card, you take that row and all the points in it. That’s when the game earns its name, as you’re forced to “take five” cards. Take a Number is a stand-alone game with advanced rules that builds on the basic edition to create an extreme “take” experience: the number of cards in each row varies, you can create your own row, and add cards back into your hand.
  • INCLUDES: 104 “Take 5” Cards, 100 “Take a Number” Cards, 7 Row Cards, Illustrated Instructions for both games
  • EASY TO LEARN: Brief how-to-play videos available online

Specification: AMIGO Take 5: Two Games in One – U.S. Version of 6 Nimmt! with Take A Number (X Nimmt!) Included, Yellow/Red

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5 x 2.25 x 6.75 inches

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12.7 ounces

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September 28, 2018



13 reviews for AMIGO Take 5: Two Games in One – U.S. Version of 6 Nimmt! with Take A Number (X Nimmt!) Included, Yellow/Red

4.9 out of 5
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  1. nponcian

    It is really confusing to me that games like No Thanks, The Mind, Point Salad, For Sale, Uno, etc. always get more love and always get recommended more than this game (I never saw this game got recommended), when this is clearly the better and more fun game! I knew those other games before and yes they are fun, then my friend casually just introduced this game to me, and all I can think about while playing is that I can already throw away my copy of No Thanks. I’m really sad for the people (like me before) who isn’t aware that this game exists, and this is way better than No Thanks!


    – Fun and exciting to play! That feeling where you know you are playing a bad card for the current round but hopes that another player plays a worse card than you. Also, those sudden changes which suddenly disrupts your expectations of what will happen really makes the game exciting at every moment.

    – A party game! But don’t underestimate, this can be played by anyone, whether a beginner in gaming or a war gamer. Because this is a rare party game that involves both extreme luck and extreme strategy!

    – Very strategic. Yes this game involves a lot of luck, but also strategy. You wouldn’t win here with just luck.

    – Easy to learn

    – Fast to play


    – No miniatures. Just joking! No cons, this game is flawless!

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  2. Sidney

    Fun gamea and Easy to understand instructions.

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  3. Jalil Flores

    Se aprende en dos minutos y se juega en 10-15 min, ideal como party Game. Las acciones son simultáneas así que 4-6 es el número ideal para jugarlo. No lo recomiendo con menos de 4 jugadores.

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  4. Acuario 86

    El juego llego antes y en buen estado, en cuanto al juego es pasar un rato entretenido con la familia, pero sobre todo pensando, lo cual es ideal para mi

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  5. The Arlt’s

    First off there are 2 games in the set. I’ve only played take 5 as that is why I bought the set. So there is good value in this purchase there. However, the cards are thin and flimsy and therefore hard to shuffle and play with. I also wish there would have been a guide mat for where to place the cards. It worked out okay because I’ve played before but I think it would take a bit for a new player to get it. It is a long game but super fun.

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  6. Silvia

    Aún no probamos Take a number pero nos la pasamos bien con Take 5 y nos la pasamos bien.

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  7. nponcian

    Fun game for 4-8 players. The box says 2-10 players but two people was very boring. 3 is ok, but 4 or more really makes it interesting! Played it with 8 and it gets a little chaotic, so can’t really imagine playing it with 10 unless you have a much more sedate group of friends than I do! 😂 Otherwise, super easy to learn, fast paced and lots of fun!

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  8. Wundt

    Not much to say about this one: Take 5 is the English variation of the German game 6 Nimmt! (Take 6), and is a lovely little tactics/push your luck game that is good for both family and board gamer audiences. In particular, it makes quite a good starter game, and it makes an even better introductory game for teaching brand new people who’ve never played a modern board game the hobby.

    This edition includes several variations of the game and is in a convenient travel-size box. So a good game in a good form factor with wide appeal!

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  9. Nini B

    I have been playing 6 Nimmt (Take 5) for 25 years. This is my third deck, my previous two either got worn out or I lost cards. It is a great, super fun game, perfect when you are just starting (or ending) your game night and are looking for something quick, light, and fun. And, unlike many games, the MORE people you have playing the funner the game gets. Take 5 with the full 10 players is super fun (people start taking points in the first round!).

    It is also great because the rules take 5 minutes to teach, and everyone can play it.

    The ONLY frustration I have ever heard around the game is that there is no “winning” strategy. There is a lot of luck in terms of what cards you have and what numbers come out. But, otherwise, the strategy is not to do anything really stupid. E.g. don’t play a card that you KNOW will take a row. You can try strategies like ‘card counting’, and they can help (e.g. “I know he the 62 was played, so I can play the 63 on the 61 and be safe), but it often works out that other player’s actions completely mess up your strategy (“he took the row with the 61… now I have to play the 6th card on this row!”).

    A MUST for anyone’s games collection.

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  10. DonnyDondon

    Easy to learn and fun to play. I didn’t realize this came with a 2nd game as well, bonus. 🙂

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  11. Ross Glenn

    Easy to learn and play, rollercoaster of emotions, and extremely fun! Furthermore, you can play with less or more people! My wife and I played it by ourselves sometimes. However, we have to add some house rules to make it work. Meanwhile, we also have played it with as much as 10 people. Its simple enough that small talks are still possible while playing. Truly a perfect game.

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  12. Roxana R.

    Un filler indispensable, quieres jugar otra y otra ronda

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  13. Sidney

    Yo lo compré por el Toma 5. Por el precio está súper bien y el juego es súper entretenido y bueno. Altamente recomendable.

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